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semaphore.h, sched.h on VMS prior to 8.x

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semaphore.h, sched.h on VMS prior to 8.x

Hi everyone,


I discover that I lack semaphore.h and sched.h (and respective libraries) in my VMS 7.3-1, tcpip 5.3-18, cc 6.3 (upgrade to 6.5 possible). These libraries are reported to appear only in VMS 8.4. They are used in networking parallel code on Linux which I want to port to OpenVMS.


Can anybody offer me semaphore and sched libraries working on VMS 7.3-1? Can I emulate them using pthread mutex routines or RTL PPL$xxxxx routines? Any advice would be valuable. It looks like sched_yield routine is the only one required from sched library.



Craig A Berry
Honored Contributor

Re: semaphore.h, sched.h on VMS prior to 8.x

The version-dependency tables at http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/84final/5763/5763profile_078.html#vms84_sec clearly show the semaphore routines first appearing in OpenVMS v8.4.


Could you create your own port of this API or reimpliment your application to use a different API?  Sure, but likely at much greater cost than upgrading to v8.4.