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slow response for NFS mounting

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slow response for NFS mounting

Running TCPIP V5.4 - ECO 5 on OpenVMS V7.3-2
mount a directory from unix server with following command

$ tcpip mount dnfs1:/host="klmsxebs.klm.com"/path="/home/converter"/server_type=unix/convert/adf=create/system

We encounter very slow response for this NFS device. Below is the time stamp when i perform a dir/total on it.

29-AUG-2007 14:36:33

Directory DNFS1:[000000]

Total of 27538 files.
29-AUG-2007 14:44:00

Anyone with some ideas to improve the response time?
Jan van den Ende
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Re: slow response for NFS mounting


to begin with: WELCOME to the VMS Forum!

Can you quantify "very slow" ? seconds? minutes?

I assume that the network connection _IS_ functioning correctly for other functions?

From your question:

Total of 27538 files.

That's the most likely reason.

Try to organise those files in into several smaller directories, and your respose will improve.



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Re: slow response for NFS mounting

Network connection is functioning correctly for other service. But when i perform a show mount in tcpip utility it tooks around 6 minutes to dispaly all the mounted directory. Other server that have the same mounting tooks can display the content immediately.