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smtp mail stopped working

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Tim Killinger
Regular Advisor

smtp mail stopped working

on my vms 7.1/UCX 5 machine smtp mail has stopped working (after years of no problems)... networking in general seems fine... I've enabled ucx log level to 5 and am getting the following in UCX$SMTP_LOGFILE.LOG:\

Entering build_server_mx_list
#smtp_sender_cmd\4348 Entering new_smtp_sender_gate
#smtp_sender_cmd\4372 new_smtp_sender_gate: SMTP zone = mcvlva.tel.gte.com
#smtp_sender_cmd\4384 new_smtp_sender_gate: comparing remote = verizon.com with
SMTP zone = mcvlva.tel.gte.com
#smtp_sender_cmd\4404 new_smtp_sender_gate: DO need gateway
Sender will relay mail to verizon.com using this ordered list of gateways
Number of MX entries: 0
Expiration Date: 17-NOV-1858 00:00:00.00
#smtp_sender_cmd\1229 entering connect_to_server
#smtp_sender_cmd\1473 exiting connect_to_server st: 1,iosb$st: 16,iosb$count: 4,
iosb$ext_st: 8340
All gateways tried without success.
#smtp_sender\405 UCX$SMTP_NEW_SEND_MAIL after new_smtp_sender_init a_ercode:5104

[UCX_SMTP]>ucx show mx

Local MX database

Destination Preference Gateway

vamec1 10 smtpirv2.interwan.gte.COM

any ideas or addtional info I could provide to solve this issue?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: smtp mail stopped working

No real idea, but if I try to deciper what I think could be a status code I get:

$ write sys$output f$message (8340)
%SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE, remote node is not currently reachable
Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: smtp mail stopped working


What is the outcome of:


and try to locate the destination nodes (that is: both the mail gateways and the receiving nodes) by trying to trace them down (TRACERT, probably).

You may also try to DIG the domains (mcr TCPIP$DIG, I don't know if this exists in the TCPIP version, use TCPIP$NSLOOKUP instead)
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: smtp mail stopped working


do a

tcpip show config smtp/full

Check the Gateways you have defined, then see if you can reach them (ping and traceroute being the first tests, followed by a telnet to
port 25). Is it possible that somebody has put a firewall up somewhere in the route between you and the gateway?

Greetings, Martin