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system Management Homepage & SNMP works towards logging case with HP?

Neelmani Pandey
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system Management Homepage & SNMP works towards logging case with HP?

Hi All,


how System Management Homepage & SNMP works towards logging case with HP and Role of WCCProxy in this for Open VMS ?


Could anyone help me with process flow involving SNMP manager alongwith its default configurations ?

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Re: system Management Homepage & SNMP works towards logging case with HP?

Ask HP support directly?     Check the ISEE/WCCProxy docs?


How this stuff gets rolled up depends on whether this is Alpha or Itanium, on the versions involved, and whether you actually trust the SMH product to be secure.  (In general,  I don't have that trust, and prefer to avoid exposing SMH-enabled servers to untrusted networks — the OpenVMS SMH version is very old, and older versions of SMH are known to be insecure.  I've verified one or two of the bugs that found in newer versions against VMS where reproducers were available or easily-created, and have found the vulnerabilities are present, too.)


If you're rolling your own version of this error collection process might be inferred from this question (this given checking the available documentation and/or contacting HP directly for this information seems pretty obvious), then I'd suggest using your own collector — fetch the SNMP data remotely, and install your own server/agent/daemon to push data not otherwise available from within SMH.  Basing that collection off of Nagios NRPE or similar tools is an here option, and there are others.  The error log mailbox interface within OpenVMS is not documented but does work, though you'll have to figure out how to decode that data for the device(s) that interest you.

FWIW and AFAIK, the product name is spelled "OpenVMS" and not "Open VMS", too.