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Re: $tcpip show proxy

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$tcpip show proxy

Hi All,

I need you help once again,

I want to do the RSH setup for two accounts,so user are using X-start emulation software to login into VMS servers thru RSH.
1.In OLD setup server working fine for this RSh-V7.3-2
2.New setup server giving error "TCPIP$RSh -permission denied -host Ip address" - V8.3
3.when i enable reply/enable at our system side - captured log on screen "NTERnet ACP RSH Reject Request - no proxy cache - from Host:"

4.I compared both setup,found difference
Old server :
$tcpip sho proxy
tcpip show proxy

VMS User_name Type User_ID Group_ID Host_name

London CD * *
Germani CD * *

New server :
$tcpip sho proxy
%TCPIP-E-PROXYERROR, error processing proxy request
-TCPIP-W-NORECORD, information not found
-RMS-E-RNF, record not found

Is is because of this user are not able to do the RSH. If so may i know the correct syntac to define this.
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Re: $tcpip show proxy


what is the reason for using rsh ? as you're moving systems this might be a good time to consider using ssh instead of rsh, rsh /rlogin et al are all inherently insecure. if you are using the openvms tcpip stack there is support for ssh/scp/sftp in both v7.3-2 and v8.3.


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Re: $tcpip show proxy

This is management requirement, they don't want to change the process for some more time.
Joseph Huber_1
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Re: $tcpip show proxy

To define TCPIP communication proxies:
in tcpip:

The relevant proxy type for RSH is "communication proxy", so You need to specify
/HOST and /REMOTE_USER for the the add command.
And if You need to make many proxies, there is a limit, which can be changed by a parameter
and requires a TCPIP services restart to become active.
Exceeded limits manifest in missing "D
" in show proxy.
Jon Pinkley
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Re: $tcpip show proxy


RE:"I need you help once again,"

Why don't you have the courtesy to take the time to thank the people that help you by assigning points?

Jan pointed out the way to assign points on May 22, in a response to your question about set host, but got no reaction.

"I'm too busy" is not a valid excuse; other people's answers have saved you far more time than assigning points takes.

Zero points for this.

it depends
Peter Zeiszler
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Re: $tcpip show proxy

$tcpip add proxy (local account) /host=(remote host - whatever your DNS returns for that IP)/remote_user=(remote users account)

I never like using wildcards in the remote host cause ANYONE with that account registered can then gain access to the VMS host.

So to repeat yours exactly (which is not very secure):
tcpip add proxy London /host=* /remote_user=*

Then remember to bounce your proxy server.
$ @sys$startup:tcpip$proxy_shutdown
$ @sys$startup:tcpip$proxy_startup

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Re: $tcpip show proxy

Thanks all , RSH issue fixed by defining this proxies.
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Re: $tcpip show proxy

Thx all.
RF Thomas
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Re: $tcpip show proxy

This site is invaluable.  A quick search allowed me to find this.  The documentation does not mention the need to stop and restart the proxy server.  We spent a lot of time going around in circles attempting to resolve our RSH authentication problem.