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: tdb_oob len 17656 beyond eof at 8192

Gary Buczma
Occasional Visitor

: tdb_oob len 17656 beyond eof at 8192

I have recently installed CIFS on an alpha, I sometimes get this error however when writing files to the directory.

The circumstances are is that an application is writing to the CIFS folder from a windows server directly from an application.

Could this be a configuration problem (in which case I will post the file) or is there some other issue associated with it?

Thanks for any feedback/pointers in this direction.
Paul Beaudoin
Regular Advisor

Re: : tdb_oob len 17656 beyond eof at 8192


I had a similar problem and though I did not get to the bottom of why, this is my vague understanding. I think the tdb database (authentication) is becomming corrupted. To fix I removed and reinstalled CIFS though suspect a lighter touch would have been as effective. I haven't got the system to hand so from (shakey) memory: try deleting the tdb.db (or similar name)Upon making a new connection, this file is recreated and you can re-enter your user/pass combination. I hope this helps


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Re: : tdb_oob len 17656 beyond eof at 8192

Check with HP. This is likely either a bug in Samba (CIFS) or in the OpenVMS port.

Also try a few web searches, as this error footprint seems fairly common. There are certainly various reports of Samba errors of the form "tdb_oob len * beyond eof at *" around, and for various Samba operating system platforms.

The error itself indicates some sort of a corruption in the Trival Datadase (TDB) layer, in the Samba source module <.../tdb/common/io.c>.

I don't see a particular resolution for the error listed anywhere. The usual answer seems to involve deleting the corrupted database, and trying it again.

The Samba mailing list thread starting at: http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba-technical/2006-October/049911.html
also looks relevant. And rather interesting.

Again, you might ping HP and ask for their help.

Stephen Hoffman