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the second alpha could't boot up on VMS cluster

Song, Charles
Frequent Advisor

the second alpha could't boot up on VMS cluster


For my coustomer's project, I should form a VMS cluster V7.3-2, 2 alphaservers(DS10L and AS1200) and one RA3000.


Two alpha's boot from the same disk on RA3000
but,the boot disk name on RA3000 wasn't same,
DS10L was named DKA0(SYS1)
AS1200 was named DKC0(sys0).

Cluster alloclass --->1
QDSK ---> sys$sysdevice

on AS1200:
PORT ALLOCLASS for PKB(local disk) -->98
and PORT ALLOCLASS on DS10L was't set, for just one share SCSI on it.

When I boot the second alpha,
the error message "INCORRECT SCSI CONFIGURATION", the alpha was crash and reboot and crash...

What's wrong?


Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: the second alpha could't boot up on VMS cluster


be sure to have read both cluster manuals (VMS Cluster manual, Guide to cluster configs), which you can find here:
(The best is to read the app. chapters twice :-}, because shared SCSI clusters may become tricky).

In your case, you should define port allocation classes on both nodes to the same value for the shared SCSI bus, so that both nodes see the disks under the same names.
If conflicts exist for the non-shared busses, use the port allocation class 0 on them.

regards Kalle
Jan van den Ende
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Re: the second alpha could't boot up on VMS cluster


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