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what to do with WBEM$ process

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what to do with WBEM$ process

during last night's maintenance on network hardware a switch/router configuration changed and today our OpenVMS cluster has its performance being degraded by a process named WBEM$CPQNIC on all nodes.. what can I do to investigate this process.. degradation means that this process alone is usurping most available CPU cycles and affecting normal user tasks.. I have no knowledge of this service?
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Volker Halle
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Re: what to do with WBEM$ process


looks like a looping process. Shutdown WBEM (=Insight Management Agent) and restart it:




Here is the pointer to the WBEM page at the HP site:



Re: what to do with WBEM$ process

this answer seems to be correct.. after a bounce on each node this process subsided and things look much better now..I am unfamiliar with what this thing does but I certainly know more about it now.. much thanx Volker
You Brought Two Too Many
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Re: what to do with WBEM$ process

That's a bug in one of the HP management agents.

If you have support in place, contact HP for help.

As part of calling up HP, you can sample the PCs (SHOW PROCESS /CONTINUOUS or such) to get an idea of what range of PCs are involved in what is probably a loop. Gather a dozen or two of the PC values.

You can also drop the process to priority zero and let it tussle with the idle process loop. Once you have some PCs, you can also then restart WBEM or force the process to suspend temporarily via SET PROCESS /SUSPEND, too.

When you contact HP, you'll be asked to confirm you are on the current version of the WBEM tools. If not, you'll be asked to upgrade to the current versions.
Jan van den Ende
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Re: what to do with WBEM$ process


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Zeni B. Schleter
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Re: what to do with WBEM$ process

For what it's worth we had seen the looping NIC process at our site as well. We have updated the WEBES software a couple of times since the last occurrence.
Volker Halle
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Re: what to do with WBEM$ process


the WBEM$CPQNIC process belongs to the WBEM software (Web-Based Enterprise Management, Product kit name: Vxx_MGMTAGENTS), now being replaced by HP SMH (System Management Homepage).

WEBES (Web Based Enterprise Services) is a collection of Service Tools (SEA, CCAT).

Wim Van den Wyngaert
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Re: what to do with WBEM$ process

We reset our (old) webes stuff every night to prevent processes looping and memory eating.

We do :
stop desta
wait 1 minute
start desta
wait 2 minutes
start desta again because it sometimes fails the first time