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Frequent Advisor


I have a cluster (2 ES45's with HSG80 disk config) - when I go int wwidmgr to see what drives are reachable (wwidmgr -show r) one ES45 has two dga22's the other ES45 has two dga23's - I don't want to use these dga's - I want to make different ones available to boot off of- how do I go about doing this??

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: wwidmgr

Hello LM,
if you want to present different Units to the servers, you need to change the selective storage presentation. For removing access, you need to find out which Unit has which identifier assigned - use the

HSG> show id

command to find out. Let's assume one of the Unit is "D3". To remove access:

HSG> set d3 disable_access_path=all

To allow access to a different unit, you need to match the fibre channel adapter's WWN to the Connection name - the command is:

HSG> show connections

To enable access:

HSG> set d5 enable_access_path=(conn_1, conn_2)
Bill Hall
Honored Contributor

Re: wwidmgr


In addition to Uwe's comments, you'll have to use the WWIDMGR to make the boot devices known to the console outside of WWIDMGR. See the WWIDMGR Users Manual http://ftp.digital.com/pub/Digital/Alpha/firmware/archive/doc/wwidmgr_v13.pdf section 2.4.

VMS also needs an identifier set on each device. In Uwe's example on the HSG80, from the HSG80 console:
set d5 identifier=5.

At the Alpha console:
wwidmgr -quickset -udid 5
show device ! find the paths to the device.
dga5.1002.0.3.1 $1$DGA5 HP OPEN-E
dgb5.1001.0.3.0 $1$DGA5 HP OPEN-E
set bootdefdev dga5.1002.0.3.1,dgb5.1001.0.3.0

Bill Hall
Frequent Advisor

Re: wwidmgr

I should also add that this was a tru64 unix cluster first - do I need to re-init and start from fresh with the drives to work with VMS- or can I keep the setup of the drives and the raid config from tru64 unix?
Phillip Thayer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: wwidmgr

The Raid configs should be specific to the HSG80's and can stay as they are, but the data on the drives will naturally be overwritten with a VMS INIT command.

Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: wwidmgr


you might need to change the OPERATING_SYSTEM type on the HSG80 connections to "VMS". They are probably still sitting at their old Tru64_Unix value.

Connection Unit
Name Operating system Controller Port Address Status Offset

DEVT02A1 VMS THIS 1 0A1100 OL this 0

Frequent Advisor

Re: wwidmgr

Thanks - everything worked like a charm!!
Frequent Advisor

Re: wwidmgr

everything worked as instructed by the people above!! Thanks for your help!