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zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install


zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install

I've been lucky enough to have been borrowed a VMS 8.3 install DVD. Thank you.

I am having a large amount of issues trying to get it to install.
I do have the DVD rom on the Master via cable select on the HDD cable not the optical IDE cable.

I am also using IDE disks until my SCSI card gets here.

Receiving error "DQ - Medium not ready"

Heres the detailed information

Hoping someone can help me with this.
I've been pulling my hair out for a wile now.



Firmware Revision: 2.31 [4411]

PAL_A Revision: 7.31/5.37
PAL_B Revision: 5.65

SAL Spec Revision: 3.01
SAL_A Revision: 2.00
SAL_B Revision: 2.31

EFI Spec Revision: 1.10
EFI Intel Drop Revision: 14.61
EFI Build Revision: 1.22

POSSE Revision: 0.10

ACPI Revision: 7.00

BMC Revision 1.52
IPMI Revision: 1.00
SMBIOS Revision: 2.3.2a
Management Processor Revision:

Booting VMS install with

then this happens :-

fs0:\EFI\VMS> vms_loader
DQ - Medium Not Ready

* Exception taken before exception handler has been loaded! *
* Unable to take crashdump. *

* Exception Frame Display: *

Exception taken at IP 00000000.20369010, slot 01 from Kernel mode
Exception Frame at 00000000.202263E0
Trap Type 0000008A (PAL_HALT)
IVT Offset 00002C00 (Break Instruction Vector)

* = Value read directly from the register rather than the frame

Control Registers:
CR0 Default Control Register (DCR) 00000000.00007F00
CR1 Interval Timer Match Register (ITM) * 00000050.25EAC579
CR2 Interruption Vector Address (IVA) * 00000000.20340000
CR8 Page Table Address (PTA) * 00000000.0000003C
CR16 Processor Status Register (IPSR) 00001210.09026010
CR17 Interrupt Status Register (ISR) 00000200.00000000
CR19 Instruction Pointer (IIP) 00000000.20369010
CR20 Faulting Address (IFA) E0000000.00000000
CR21 TLB Insertion Register (ITIR) 00000000.00000030
CR22 Instruction Previous Address (IIPA) 00000000.20369010
CR23 Function State (IFS) 80000000.00000082
CR24 Instruction immediate (IIM) 00000000.00100003
CR25 VHPT Hash Address (IHA) 00000000.00808860
CR64 Local Interrupt ID (LID) * 00000000.00000000
CR66 Task Priority Register (TPR) * 00000000.00010000
CR68 External Interrupt Req Reg 0 (IRR0) * 00000000.00000000
CR69 External Interrupt Req Reg 1 (IRR1) * 00000000.00000000
CR70 External Interrupt Req Reg 2 (IRR2) * 00000000.00000000
CR71 External Interrupt Req Reg 3 (IRR3) * 00000000.00000000
CR72 Interval Time Vector (ITV) * 00000000.00010000
CR73 Performance Monitoring Vector (PMV) * 00000000.00010000
CR74 Corrected Machinecheck Vector (CMCV) * 00000000.00010000
CR80 Local Redirection Register 0 (LRR0) * 00000000.00010000
CR81 Local Redirection Register 1 (LRR1) * 00000000.00010000

Application Registers:
AR0 Kernel Register (KR0) * 00000000.20660000
AR1 Kernel Register (KR1) * 00000000.60000000
AR2 Kernel Register (KR2) * 00000000.00000000
AR3 Kernel Register (KR3) * 00000000.00000000
AR4 Kernel Register (KR4) * 00000000.00000000
AR5 Kernel Register (KR5) * 00000000.00000000
AR6 Kernel Register (KR6) * 00000000.00000000
AR7 Kernel Register (KR7) * 00000000.10001000
AR16 Register Stack Config Reg (RSC) 00000000.00000000
AR17 Backing Store Pointer (BSP) 00000000.20216A58
AR18 Backing Store for Mem Store (BSPSTORE) 00000000.20216A00
AR19 RSE NaT Collection Register (RNAT) 00000000.00000000
AR32 Compare/Exchange Comp Value Reg (CCV) 00000000.00000000
AR36 User NaT Collection Register (UNAT) 00000000.00000000
AR40 Floating-point Status Reg (FPSR) 0009804C.8270033F
AR44 Interval Time Counter (ITC) * 00000052.F7F7E642
AR64 Previous Function State (PFS) 00000000.00000590
AR65 Loop Count Register (LC) 00000000.00000000
AR66 Epilog Count Register (EC) 00000000.00000000

Processor Status Register (IPSR):
AC = 0 MFL= 1 MFH= 0 IC = 1 I = 1 DT = 1
DFL= 0 DFH= 0 RT = 1 CPL= 0 IT = 1 MC = 0 RI = 1
Interrupt Status Register (ISR):
Code 00000000 X = 0 W = 0 R = 0 NA = 0 SP = 0
RS = 0 IR = 0 NI = 0 SO = 0 EI = 1 ED = 0

Branch Registers: Region Registers:
B0 00000000.20280C60 RR0 * 00000000.00000034
B1 80000000.FFE073D0 RR1 * 00000000.00000030
B2 00000000.00000000 RR2 * 00000000.00000030
B3 00000000.00000000 RR3 * 00000000.00000030
B4 00000000.00000000 RR4 * 00000000.00000030
B5 00000000.00000000 RR5 * 00000000.00000030
B6 00000000.20297140 RR6 * 00000000.00000030
B7 00000000.20337890 RR7 * 00000000.00000334

Floating Point Registers: FPSR 0009804C.8270033F
F6 00000000.0001003E.00000000.000001FC
F7 00000000.0001003E.00000000.000000FE
F8 00000000.0001003E.00000000.00000002
F9 00000000.0001003E.00000000.00000008
F10 00000000.0000FFFF.80000000.00000000
F11 00000000.0000FFFC.80000000.00000000

Miscellaneous Registers:
Processor Identifier (CPUID 0,1) GenuineIntel
(CPUID 3) 00000000.1F010504
Interrupt Priority Level (IPL) 0000001F
Stack Align 000002D0
NaT Mask 003C
PPrev Mode 00
Previous Stack 00
Interrupt Depth 00
Preds 80000000.FF5FF29B
Nats 00000000.00000000
Context 80000000.FF58F293

General Registers:
R0 00000000.00000000 GP 00000000.20660000 R2 00000000.00000000
R3 00000000.202266B0 R4 00000000.FFDC5C30 R5 00000000.00000004
R6 00000000.00000000 R7 80000000.FED00000 R8 00000000.007281B4
R9 00000000.000000FE R10 00000000.00000304 R11 00000000.00000000
SP 00000000.20225FA8 TP 00000000.0000040A R14 00000000.20101648
R15 00000000.20226438 R16 00000000.00000000 R17 00000000.00000000
R18 00000000.00000000 R19 00000000.00000000 R20 00000000.00000000
R21 00000000.00000000 R22 00000000.00000000 R23 00000000.00000007
R24 00000000.20230500 R25 00000000.00000000 R26 00000000.20230200
R27 00000000.000000FF R28 00000000.20226458 R29 00000000.00000000
R30 00000000.20296670 R31 00000000.00000000

Interrupted Frame RSE Backing Store , Size = 2 registers

00000000.20216A58: 00000000.00000590 (R32)
00000000.20216A60: 00000000.20280BC0 (R33)

* Using INIBRK to get help from Xdelta! *
Brk 0 at 203472B1

203472B1! break.i 080003
203472B2! nop.i 000000
Frequent Advisor

Re: zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install

It might be the same problem described here:


You must use the Harddisk-IDE-cable instead of
the Opticaldisk-cable.


Re: zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install

Quote :-
It might be the same problem described here:


You must use the Harddisk-IDE-cable instead of
the Opticaldisk-cable.


Thanks, But I am using the IDE HDD cable and not the optical cable.

I am not even getting to the OpenVMS banner.
I boot the vms_loader
then DQ - medium not ready
then the error
Honored Contributor

Re: zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install

Do you know if this box and if this OpenVMS I64 V8.3 DVD actually work?

As for the error, IPB looks to be blowing up here.

The IPB IDE ATA path is broken.

OpenVMS Alpha DS10 and DS10L were the only boxes that officially booted off IDE ATA disks. And only small ATA disks (<137GB) are supported even there.

I don't recall anybody that has particularly tried anything other than DVD bootstraps on IDE ATAPI on OpenVMS I64. DQDRIVER (and any pieces of IDE I/O lurking inside IPB) didn't see a whole lot of work and testing, other than for the DVD IDE ATAPI optical paths.

On the off chance that this isn't specifically IDE ATA at fault, and it's something else that's tripping IPB, pull any other secondary controllers and unnecessary giblets that might be present here. Graphics; anything else.

Pull the IDE ATA HD, and then see if the IDE ATAPI DVD then boots.

Do expect to have to wait for your SCSI bits to arrive.

Robert Brooks_1
Honored Contributor

Re: zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install

Is the DVD the actual DVD from HP, or is it a copy? I seem to recall that there may be issues with using a copy.

-- Rob
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: zx2000 , VMS 8.3 can not install

> Is the DVD the actual DVD from HP, or is it
> a copy?

I'm roughly half a world away, so there are
limits to how sure I can be of his home-made
DVD, but I believe that he made it from an
image file which I used to make a DVD which
works just fine on _my_ zx2000, but it had
crossed only the Atlantic Ocean to get to me,
and the Pacific _is_ wider.

Clearly, the firmware believes that the thing
is bootable, so it can't be entirely mangled,
and "DQ - Medium Not Ready" doesn't sound (to
me) very much like a fundamental corruption

On the other hand, I've already run out of
ideas, but I'll bet that if someone mailed
him a copy of an actual DVD from HP, he'd be
willing to try it and report back. I'm just
guessing, though.