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156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

Hi Guys,
I am getting the problem when I boot my Tru64Unix ver 5.1B.

One of the hard disk shows me failed I shutdown the system and reload the corrupted harddisk and start the system , the corrupted harddisk appear normal now it doesn't show the red light but the system stop at the message
Jumping to bootstrap code
UNIX Boot - date
Cant open vmunix
trying /etc/sysconfigtab.38
Loading /etc/sysconfigtab.38..
Loading at fffffc0000330000
Linking 156 objects:156 Can't open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod
Halt Code=5
HALD instructions executed
boot failure
highly appreciate if anyone can helpme


Re: 156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

Anyone who is expert in this area can helpme please.... its urgent

Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: 156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

Hello Syed
Looks like you have corrupted root file system.
Try to boot from instalation CD, and do fixfdmn and (or) salvage.
If you do not know how to do it, say what instructions you need.
I also hope that you have recent backup.
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Re: 156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

Hello thanks for the response , sorry to say that i am not having any backup for this server since after upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B I haven't taken the backup .Oracle Database 10g also residing in this server. I have only the cd for Tru64 5.1B patch


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: 156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

You should boot with your operating system cd-rom. After the boot process finished, select "Shell Window" or exit the installation:

>>> boot dka500

Mount the old root domain:
# mount old_root_domain#root /var/mnt
Run the /sbin/advfs/verify command with the -a option.
Run the /sbin/advfs/fixfdmn command.
Recover files with the salvage command and save them to a temporary fileset or tape. If you have an old backup, run the salvage command
with the -d option.

For detailed instructions, see "Recovering from Data Corruption of an AdvFS root Domain" in "AdvFS Administration".
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Re: 156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

Thanks for the response,
I successfully able to boot
I just done the foll steps.

P00>>>set boot_file genvmunix

after restarting the server it take as genvmunix , my question is i have to copy this genvmunix as vmunix or leave as it is.

Syed Moin
Occasional Visitor

Re: 156:Cant open /sys/BINARY/TITAN.mod in TRU64 Unix

Hi Syed,
I have same problem with tru64, if you have solution by now please help me out.