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5.1B user account migration from 5.1A

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Kevin Raubenolt
Occasional Visitor

5.1B user account migration from 5.1A

I am creating a new 5.1B cluster and want to export all my users and their passwords to the new cluster. I tried:
5.1A Cluster> edauth -g > /tmp/users.txt

5.1B Cluster> edauth -C < /tmp/users.txt
Missing list of entry names to edit

Any ideas?

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: 5.1B user account migration from 5.1A

Don't you need -s on the import command line?

Mind you, prior to reading this entry and dong a man edauth I expected migrating users to amoutn to copying /etc/passwd to the new box :-). That's what we do in our labs. admittedly those are a far cry from a secure production environment.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: 5.1B user account migration from 5.1A

it depend on the used security mechanism. Please let us know what kind of security is enabled - C2 or base?

If it is base, copy the /etc/passwd and /etc/group file, recreate the home directories on the new machine and be sure links and CDSL's are valid. Remove /etc/passwd.dir and .pag file if exists.

For C2 security you must use the edauth and C2 tools. Why not using NIS/YP to share user/groups if using different machines?

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Kevin Raubenolt
Occasional Visitor

Re: 5.1B user account migration from 5.1A

I have it resolved.

I was using C2 security (enhansed). The problem was two:

1. I copied /etc/group across to the new cluster.
2. I used edauth -s < /tmp/users.txt

Everything then worked.

Thanks for the replies.