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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Boot up sequence - Tru64UNIX

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Boot up sequence - Tru64UNIX


I have an Alpha system that hangs on booting up.

It gets to "Starting environmental monitoring systems", and hangs.

I have tried control C, but this has no effect.

I understand the boot up sequence is defined in the directory rc3.d, but how can I find out where it is hanging.

Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Boot up sequence - Tru64UNIX

"environmental monitoring systems" refers to the envmon daemon wich you can see as an extension to errorlogger (man envmon).
possibly some logfiles have grown too large.

rc3.d is used for the "normal" multiuser environment (with networking and other services).
=> you can try booting to single user mode
>>> b -fl s

if this works you can inspect the system.

- start checking filespace on the basic system partitions using "df".
- mount other filesystems configured in fstab "using "bcheckrc"
- check filespace on the now mounted /var and /user partitions if used.

you can rename the script that starts the envmon daemon (so its name doesnt begin with S) then it will be skipped at startup and then reboot the system normally.

== Or you can execute startups in phases
(init 1; init 2; init 3)

== or execute scripts in the rc.d directories one-by-one.
They all start with "S"
execute them in order of sequence number.


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Re: Boot up sequence - Tru64UNIX

Thanks you for your response.

We have now discovered that since we changed the IP interface name and address the startup of the "Environmental monitoring services" just hangs. I cannot even interrupt it with a CTRL/C.

I believe it is trying to poll the old IP interface name.

If I do not start the "Enviromental Monitoring services" ( I removed the startup script S55envmon from rc3.d) the system comes up correctly.

I have not had time to investigate where it still looks for the old IP interface name.

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Re: Boot up sequence - Tru64UNIX

"Starting environmental monitoring systems"

After all these years would it not be a good idea to change this message, slightly and give some warnings, in the case it hangs....

Its not like it happens often.

Never seen it before.