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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Can't Boot tru64 server [boot failure] can't open osf_boot halt code=5

Occasional Visitor

Can't Boot tru64 server [boot failure] can't open osf_boot halt code=5

Following is the faulty node that i can not boot up.

Please comment if you have experienced the issue before. 


P00#SMC1>>>sho device
dga30.1001.0.2.1 $1$DGA30 COMPAQ MSA1000 VOLUME 4.32
dgb30.1002.0.2.3 $1$DGA30 COMPAQ MSA1000 VOLUME 4.32
dka0. DKA0 COMPAQ BF03688284 HPB2
dka100. DKA100 COMPAQ BF03688284 HPB2
dqa0. DQA0 HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4481 2.05
dva0.0.0.1000.0 DVA0
mka400. MKA400 HP C7438A V312
ega0. EGA0 00-02-A5-C6-22-E3
eia0. EIA0 00-02-A5-20-2E-C9
eib0.0.0.2004.1 EIB0 00-13-21-08-03-20
eic0.0.0.2005.1 EIC0 00-13-21-08-03-21
pga0. PGA0 WWN 1000-0000-c948-a7fe
pgb0. PGB0 WWN 1000-0000-c948-a54f
pka0. PKA0 SCSI Bus ID 7
pkb0. PKB0 SCSI Bus ID 7
P00#SMC1>>>show boot_reset
boot_reset ON

OpenVMS PALcode V1.98-42, Tru64 UNIX PALcode V1.92-33

*** keyboard not plugged in...
starting console on CPU 0
initialized idle PCB
initializing semaphores
initializing heap
initial heap 240c0
memory low limit = 222000 heap = 240c0, 17fc0
initializing driver structures
initializing idle process PID
initializing file system
initializing timer data structures
lowering IPL
CPU 0 speed is 1000 MHz
create dead_eater
create poll
create timer
create powerup
access NVRAM
2048 MB of System Memory
Testing Memory
probe I/O subsystem
Hose 0 - PCI bus running at 33Mhz
entering idle loop
Hose 1 - PCI bus running at 66Mhz
Hose 2 - PCI bus running at 66Mhz
Hose 3 - PCI bus running at 66Mhz
starting drivers
starting console on CPU 1
initialized idle PCB
initializing idle process PID
lowering IPL
CPU 1 speed is 1000 MHz
create powerup
initializing GCT/FRU at 24a000
Initializing ega dqa dqb eia eib eic pga pgb pka pkb
Memory Testing and Configuration Status
Array Size Base Address Intlv Mode
--------- ---------- ---------------- ----------
0 1024Mb 0000000000000000 1-Way
1 1024Mb 0000000040000000 1-Way

2048 MB of System Memory
Testing the System
Testing the Disks (read only)
Testing the Network
AlphaServer DS25 Console V6.8-18, built on Jul 30 2004 at 09:28:29

CPU 0 booting

(boot dka100. -flags A)
block 0 of dka100. is a valid boot block
reading 19 blocks from dka100.
bootstrap code read in
base = 51a000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 2600(9728)
initializing HWRPB at 2000
initializing page table at 7fff0000
initializing machine state
setting affinity to the primary CPU
jumping to bootstrap code
can't open osf_boot

halted CPU 0

halt code = 5
HALT instruction executed
PC = 20000030
boot failure





Srikanth B K
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't Boot tru64 server [boot failure] can't open osf_boot halt code=5



I know the original query was posted in Feb and it is April now .  Better late than never


I hope DKA100 is boot disk - it is 36 GB Local SCSI disk - Normally DKA0 is boot device - hence this confirmation


if DKA100 is correct - clearly, it is unable to load kernel - it is corrupted.  Try booting through CD/DVD - DQA0 and then restore back up / load OS


you may also attempt >>> B DKA0


With regards

Srikanth BK



marlene lam
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Re: Can't Boot tru64 server [boot failure] can't open osf_boot halt code=5

search of the HP support center knowledge base for "osf_boot" yeilds a few answers, of note:
Tru64, V5.1X - Howto: restoring osf_bootISSUE: System will not boot: "Cannot open osf_boot".
This example assumes no LSM, no RAID, and a standalone system.
SOLUTION: Common causes:
1.The osf_boot file may be missing, or corrupt(from a running V5.1 system).
# ls -al /osf_boot -rwxr-xr-x 1 root system 102496 Nov 28 12:21 /osf_boot
2.Is this the correct disk, it may be the wrong disk, maybe non-bootable ?
## Check BOOTDEF_DEV console variable.
3.Boot blocks for this disk have been destroyed, or corrupted.
4.Primary and Secondary bootstraps may be the wrong type( UFS vs. ADVFS).
## Check disklabel.
5.Possible filesystem corruption in root_domain.
## Run fixfdmn, or verify on root_domain.

6.Possible hardware problems

How to restore osf_boot
.... ( cdrom procedure .. )