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Re: Can't find mount_pcfs (Tru64 V5.1B-3)

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Can't find mount_pcfs (Tru64 V5.1B-3)

Hi all


Have been in need of FAT filesystem support on Tru64 V5.1B-3 to mount a DOS FAT floppy disk. I'm aware of the mtools in /usr/bin, but I'm looking for a more user friendly alternative.

The mount manpage hints at support for a pcfs filesystem:

-t [no]type
Specifies the file system type. The supported file systems are as fol-

advfs - Advanced File System (AdvFS)

ufs - UNIX File System (UFS)

nfs - Network File System (NFS)

mfs - Memory file system (RAM Disk) See mfs(8)

cdfs - ISO 9660 CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read Only Memory) File System. See

dvdfs - DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disk, Read-only) File System. See
dvdfs(4). This option mounts DVD-ROM disks formatted in the Universal
Disk Format (UDF).

dfs - DCE Distributed File System

efs - DCE Episode File System

fdfs - File Descriptor File System (used by streams)

ffm - File on File Mounting File System (used by streams)

procfs - Process File System (used by debuggers)

pcfs - PC File System

sysv - System V File System

See fstab(4) for a description of the valid file system types. If the
no prefix is used, all file types except the one specified are mounted.


And system header files indicate at least awareness of this filesystem type (excerpt from /usr/include/sys/mount.h):

* File system types.
* These constants serve as indexes for the filesystem name in the
* mnt_names[] array in sys/fs_types.h. Any changes to these
* constants should be reflected in the definition of the mnt_names[]
* array in this file so that the filesystem name is always indexed
* by the associated constant.
#define MOUNT_NONE 0
#define MOUNT_UFS 1
#define MOUNT_NFS 2
#define MOUNT_MFS 3
#define MOUNT_PC 4
#define MOUNT_S5FS 5
#define MOUNT_CDFS 6
#define MOUNT_DFS 7 /* DCE DFS */
#define MOUNT_EFS 8 /* DCE Episode FS */
#define MOUNT_PROCFS 9
#define MOUNT_MSFS 10
#define MOUNT_FFM 11
#define MOUNT_FDFS 12 /* Generic file system type */
#define MOUNT_ADDON 13
#define MOUNT_NFS3 14 /* NFS v3 */
#define MOUNT_CFS 15 /* Cluster File System */
#define MOUNT_CSPEC 16 /* Cluster Spec File System */
#define MOUNT_DVDFS 17
#define MOUNT_AUTOFS 18
#define MOUNT_MAXTYPE 18


But when trying to mount, I get :

$ mount -t pcfs /dev/disk/dsk0g /mnt/FAT

mount: can't exec /sbin/mount_pcfs: No such file or directory


I've looked into all product kits on my Tru64 V5.1B-3 distribution media (OS VOL1, ASC_PROD_1, ASC_PROD_2, OSS) but found nothing.

How can I add support for the pcfs filesystem to my system?


Thanks in advance

Steven Schweda
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Re: Can't find mount_pcfs (Tru64 V5.1B-3)

> How can I add support for the pcfs filesystem to my system?

   Write it yourself?  Otherwise, I suspect that you're doomed.  Around

purt# sizer -v
HP Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Thu Mar 1 01:01:31 CST 2018

(with "Patch Kit 7: T64V51BB28AS0007-20090312 OSF540")

   I see only;

purt# find / -xdev -name 'mount_*'

   I'd expect mtools to be the best/only option.

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Re: Can't find mount_pcfs (Tru64 V5.1B-3)

Hi Steven


Holy god, write one myself? Ok, I'll keep that in mind but I would still find an answer to the pcfs type in the headers and manpage (moun(8)).


Maybe some layered product? I have a SPL from 2007 (?!?) and there's nothing so I just don't know.

Thanks for your reply, nice to see someone around here.

Take care

Steven Schweda
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Re: Can't find mount_pcfs (Tru64 V5.1B-3)

> [...] so I just don't know.

   I can't be sure, but a quick Web search for:

      tru64 mount_pcfs

found so little that I doubt that it ever existed outside the header

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Re: Can't find mount_pcfs (Tru64 V5.1B-3)

Just for completeness' sake, point out that someone before me has asked this question and the answer was the same: there is no support on Tru64, neither V4.0X nor V5.X for mounting pcfs (aka FAT filesystem). See here: tru64: SUMMARY:mount_pcfs is missing (blacksheepnetworks.com)


The way to access FAT filesystems on Tru64 is and always has been using mtools in the subset OSFDOSTOOLS. This works not by mounting any filesystem but by issuing commands that extract or insert files and directories to and from a FAT formatted floppy disk. See man mtools(1) for the details. Private note: very user unfriendly.

As to the PCFS mount type, probably more of a future consideration _OR_ some standards compliance requirement (POSIX, XOPEN, ...) since Sun Solaris for example, also includes a pcfs file system type. One that actually works, that is.