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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Change Password length on TRU64

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Occasional Contributor

Change Password length on TRU64

Password policy has changed on my tru64 servers from 8 to 10 characters

And when I want to change passwords, I have an error message : Password must be from 1 to 9 characters.


All my servers are on base security and, as I have red, the maximum lenght by default is 8 characters.

So I need to change password lenght but I don't know how to do.


When I edit the /etc/auth/system/default directly or with edauth -dd default, I would set u_maxlen to the password length I need. But when I have done it, password length seems to be unlimited.

I try different password length and it works even if it is longer than what I want.


Can you please help me ?



Occasional Contributor

Re: Change Password length on TRU64

One of the method i have found is the following :


Open the Tru64 terminal.

Type “cd /etc/auth/system/default” and press “Enter” to navigate to the default parameters.

Type “edauth” and press “Enter.” This command opens the local preferences template.

Search for the “u_maxlen” variable, and note the number next to it. This is maximum password length.

Type “passwd username” and press “Enter.” Replace “username” with the actual user name on the account.

Enter the old password when prompted. Then enter a new password of the maximum length determined in Step 4 when prompted. The password is now changed.


Can someone agree with this ? Or do you have any solutions for me ?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Change Password length on TRU64

After analyzing the authentication and security mode, it seems the only way to change the password length is to pass on Enhanced Security on TRU64 servers.

This include the reboot of the server, maybe some configuration..

But the impact is not really mesurable.