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Changing the Tru64 Host Name Permanently


Changing the Tru64 Host Name Permanently

Before you begin to change the host name, be sure to follow the

recommendations in

Before You Begin.


1. Log in as root.


2. Invoke the Set up Network Interface Cards application.


/usr/sbin/sysman interface


3. Select the NIC card associated with the host name from the list of


Interfaces, then select Configure.

The Configure the (Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, Memory Channel, or Token

Ring) Interface dialog box opens.


4. Rename the entry in the

Host Name from oldname to newname,

taking care not to change the domain name from the first period to

the end of the field.

For example, change the entry in the

Host Name field from



5. Select


The Configure the (Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, Memory Channel, or Token

Ring) Interface dialog box closes.


6. Select


The Set Up the Network Interface Card dialog box closes.


7. Optionally edit and change the file name of the file corresponding to


(it may be in uppercase characters) in the /usr/sys/conf

directory; this example shows one method for doing this.


cd /usr/sys/conf











8. Shut down and reboot the system with the

shutdown -r command.

Be sure to warn users and give them adequate time to save their files,

exit their applications, and log off.

The following is an example that reboots the system in one hour and

displays a message.


/usr/sbin/shutdown -r +60 \

System going down in 1 hour! Save your files and log out!


9. Edit the root

.profile, .kshrc, .login, .cshrc, and .rhosts files

as needed to reference the new system name; pay particular attention

to the setting of the

DISPLAY and PS environment variables.


10. Inform other users of the system name change; they may need to

edit their

.profile, .kshrc, .login, .cshrc, and .rhosts files





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