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Console output to file

Occasional Advisor

Console output to file

I've got Tru64 box, I don't have physical access to the server, but I need complete boot output, usually visible on on console. Is it possible to redirect the output to some file or where I can find complete output?

Thank you for any advice...
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Console output to file

I don't think there's any way to get 'complete' console output onto the Tru64 box's disk(s). You can however, set up a second server (running Linux) to run the AMS (Alpha Management Station) software. Then you'll have a complete record of everything that goes on at the console.
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Console output to file

U must be having some utility to connect to console or u directly connecting or just booting from remote.
If you do not have ny utility then u can not see the complete logs.
After boot you can see messages,evm.logs and if u suspecting any hardware issue get ur binary.errlog decoded.

This I suppose would help you analysing what u need.

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VINCENT, Jean-Marc
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Re: Console output to file


You can get conserver tool at http://www.conserver.com/.

It register in a log file console connection over TCP/IP terminal server

Hope this will help you.

Brendan Peter Murphy
Occasional Advisor

Re: Console output to file

Another option would be to do to hook up a laptop or pc to the COM1 serial console port on th AlphaServer (ensure that console=serial is set at firmware >>> level). Connect the laptop/PC to your network. I'm sure there's a Linux equivalent, but I use windows & putty. Use putty to connect to com1 & change the putty settings to log all printable output to a file. You can then connect over the network to the laptop/PC & view the logfile.