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Could not login to normal desktop

allan yang
Occasional Contributor

Could not login to normal desktop


I made some changes on the system, remove one domain and add another one. after reboot the system, I could not login as normal desktop, it says 'DT messaging system could not be started...' something about hosts file, I can only login to failsafe session. I checked the hosts file and removed hosts I dont need. reboot. and still couldn't login as normal desktop.

Please help.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Could not login to normal desktop

> I made some changes on the system, [...]

Well, we know whom to blame.

The CDE software tends to expect the
"/etc/hosts" data to agree with reality, and
it complains (and fails) when this
expectation breaks down.

> [...] something about hosts file, [...]

Well, duh. Next time, write it down.

My psychic powers are too weak to tell me
what's in your "hosts" file, or your DNS
data, and I don't know the name of your
system, or its IP address, and I don't know
what you changed. Perhaps you could get a
little more help if you offered a little more
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Could not login to normal desktop

the "DT messaging system" depends on correct functioning of name resolution.
The configured hostname and dns domain namespace must match the entries in the hostfile, and DNS (if configured).
If accessing from another X-term than the local console, this X-system also must be resolvable throug DNS or hostfile.
also the "localhost" entry in the hostfile bust be present (and first in the file).
and this info must match the network config in /etc/rc.config

###/etc/hosts file localhost

### rc.config file
IFCONFIG_0=" netmask"

### check /etc/resolv.conf (if dns configured)
domain "

### check dns
nslookup .
(or look at the configuration on the DNS server itself)
allan yang
Occasional Contributor

Re: Could not login to normal desktop

I figured it out, there was one line in rc.config screwed up.

thanks, guys.