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Difference between 5.1B PK4 & 5.1B-2

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Difference between 5.1B PK4 & 5.1B-2


I am trying to find out what the difference is between 5.1B with PK4 applied, and 5.1B-2. It appears that the only difference is that 5.1B-2 includes the HP-UX binary compatibility add-ons.

Neither the PK4 Release Notes or 5.1B-1/-2 Release Notes make this clear. From the roadmap it appears that these are equivalent to each other, i.e. 5.1B-2 is equivalent to 5.1B with PK4.

Help please!
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Difference between 5.1B PK4 & 5.1B-2

No 5.1b-2 is bundled with software, contains all patches and will install on newer hardware out of the box.

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Greg Yates
Valued Contributor

Re: Difference between 5.1B PK4 & 5.1B-2


The "dash" releases are packaging oriented. That is, there isn't a /version/ V5.1B-1 or V5.1B-2. The OS /version/ is still V5.1B (plus patch kit).

The package which is V5.1B-2 consists of:

o V5.1B OS CD
o Open Source Software CD (and sources CD)
o Linux Portability Toolkit
o HP-UX 11i compatibility tools
o Updated Associated Products Applications
o Updated NHD7 kit with V5.1B-2/PK4 support
o The V5.1B-2/PK4 patch kit
o Documentation and Release Notes

From a binary perspective, V5.1B + PK4 (and NHD7) is the same OS you would get by installing from the V5.1B-2 kit (which would also consist of installing the OS, and applying PK4 and NHD7). If you need software from the AP CDs you would need the new AP CDs for the latest, obviously.

The thing to keep in mind is that the dash release is a way to put everything together in one nice package. Enhancements as well as fixes and additional hardware support will coincide with these dash releases. You still install the OS then apply patches, but everything is in one kit.

Hope this helps.