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Disk re-allocation

Regular Advisor

Disk re-allocation


Following is the o/p of "df -k" on one of our servers:
# df -k
Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
root_domain#root 471920 121560 339656 27% /
/proc 0 0 0 100% /proc
usr_domain#usr 3144744 2422821 576096 81% /usr
usr_domain#var 3144744 111919 576096 17% /var
/dev/disk/dsk5c 12180056 9653033 1309017 89% /work
/dev/disk/dsk4c 103474609 17408222 75718926 19% /home

Now, we have problem that the space allocated for /usr & /var is not sufficient. I i have to increase the space for /usr & /var, can i take it from the other partitions ??
If so, how can i do it ??
What are the implications/problems ??

Thanks for the quick response

Cortes Albertino
Trusted Contributor

Re: Disk re-allocation


For a standalone host,
Several ways to reach that goal depending of the used volume(s) by the usr_domain advfs domain.

You could also first have a look to advfs admin guide in :

One possible method could be :

- first,
you must perform a vdump level 0 of the usr_domain advfs filesets i.e /usr and /var.
and also / could also help...

- You must modify the size of the used volume (or partition) by usr_domain advfs domain.

If a simple disk partition is used and if the disque label offers some changes then remove the domain, modify the size of the used physical partition, create again the domain, the filesets.
( but should be done in single user mode)

- Then restore the backups of /usr and /var.

However for other operations you could combine and also use addvol/rmvol commands.

- You could also, add online another volume, to the usr_domain advfs domain BUT be aware of it will required some extras operations, in this case if the usr_domain need to be
reconstruct for any later reasons.

Hope it helps,

Albertino Cortes

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk re-allocation

The earlier reply is fine. Read it.

You might just be able to add a volume (partition) to the domain with addvol.
If you have an unused partition left on the save disk usr_domain is carved from, then I would just use that as it would not increase the risk of losing a disk.

I would encourage you to think through why /usr is (getting) full now. Was it undersized from the get-go, or is data being stored there or growing there that would be better in it's own domain or a different domain. Some log directory? An Oracle install? Oracle/Sqlnet traces? a user home?

Is is kinda nice to be able to stick to a single 'system disk'.

On a small, low-usage /usr_domain you will more easily recognize changes like for example if /var/adm/messages where to 'explode' some day. Or if core files start to appear or oracle .trc files.