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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Domain Panic!!

Super Advisor

Domain Panic!!


We have got a domain panic error in TRU64 cluster nodes. Allofasudden we got the domain panic in 4 domains w.r.t. 2 disks.
Bu only one of the disk in the HSZ70 Cluster disk array is showing amber light.
But surprisingly nothing is shown in the failedset.
HSZ70 > show failedsets

Name Storageset Uses Used by

FAILEDSET failedset

Only thing is that When checked,

HSZ70 > show disk full

DISK50300 disk 5 3 0 D302
Misconfigured: No device at this PTL, please see user guide


HSZ70 > show disks

Name Type Port Targ Lun Used by

DISK10000 disk 1 0 0 MIRROR0
DISK10100 disk 1 1 0 RAIDFS2
DISK10200 disk 1 2 0 D106
DISK10300 disk 1 3 0 SPARESET
DISK20000 disk 2 0 0 MIRROR0
DISK20100 disk 2 1 0 RAIDFS1
DISK20200 disk 2 2 0 MIRRDB1
DISK20300 disk 2 3 0 RAIDTLS1
DISK30000 disk 3 0 0 MIRROR1
DISK30100 disk 3 1 0 MIRROR1
DISK30200 disk 3 2 0 RAIDTLS1
DISK30300 disk 3 3 0 MIRRDB1
DISK40000 disk 4 0 0 MIRRDB2
DISK40100 disk 4 1 0 RAIDTLS1
DISK40200 disk 4 2 0 MIRRDB2
DISK40300 disk 4 3 0 RAIDFS2
DISK50000 disk 5 0 0 RAIDTLS1
DISK50100 disk 5 1 0 RAIDFS1
DISK50200 disk 5 2 0 SPARESET
DISK50300 disk 5 3 0 D302
DISK60000 disk 6 0 0 RAIDFS1
DISK60100 disk 6 1 0 RAIDFS2
DISK60200 disk 6 2 0 RAIDFS2
DISK60300 disk 6 3 0 RAIDFS1

Kindly suggest the possible options.

Martin Moore

Re: Domain Panic!!

A disk error could have caused a metadata write error, leading to the domain panic. Fix the disk problems and then run "fixfdmn" against each affected domain.
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Super Advisor

Re: Domain Panic!!

Yes its a disk error.

But when you ask to fix the disk error.
Question is what are my options?

Honored Contributor

Re: Domain Panic!!

More than likely replacing them might be the only option.

You could try to reseat the disk(s) and run the HSZ70> run config command to see if they show up again or you may be forced to replace them if they still won't configure and have completely failed.


Super Advisor

Re: Domain Panic!!

Yes the only disk which is showing amber light is completely failed. We assume so becauze we restarted the whole cluster nodes and the controller but still the amber light exists.
Moreover it contains 2 D-units D302/303.

Replacement is the only option it seems and restore the data.

Any more suggestions?