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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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ES40 does not boot multi user

Hatem Samir
Occasional Visitor

ES40 does not boot multi user

DEar sir

please help me to overcome the following problem, on our Alpha Servers ES40 with Tru64 unix ver 4.0F, it does not boor on multi usr mode with the following error and hang

(((Init: command is respawning too rapidly. Check for possible errors. Id cons “/usr/sbin/getty console console vt100”))))

I can boot sigle user. but usr is not mouted.

This error appeard after i added two disks on KZPCC raid controller and apply raid 1 on them, then after reboot the system did not boot and give the above error.

This controler has the defualt boot disk (Two disks RAID 1)

Please help as i am 5 days in this problem


Lovro VRES

Re: ES40 does not boot multi user

try bcheckrc to see, if other file systems can be mounted. Otherwise You should gen an error which will tell you a little bit more.


Re: ES40 does not boot multi user

And what does thios have to do with HP-UX??

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Steven Schweda
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Re: ES40 does not boot multi user

Not much info here.

What does "show device" at the SRM console
(">>>") say about the disks? (What did it
say before you added the two disks?) What
happens if you remove the new disks?

Should we be asking about the SCSI cable and
termination, too?
Martin Moore

Re: ES40 does not boot multi user

As you already figured out, this error occurs when /usr cannot be mounted. When you're in single-user, you can determine which disk partition contains /usr. If it's UFS, this will be in the fstab entry. If it's AdvFS, the domain name will be in the fstab entry, and you can get the disk information from /etc/fdmns/. Once you know the disk, try reading the label with disklabel -r. This will at least tell you whether there's a physical problem with the disk or not.

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Alice Daniel
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Re: ES40 does not boot multi user


Search for the string "respawning too rapidly" within the forum. There are several responses that may help you.