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ES40 powersupply ?

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lothar esser

ES40 powersupply ?

our ES40 M2 halted unexpectedly with the only error message that powersupply 0 was bad. I rebooted it and it worked fine. The result of hwmgr -status component revealed that all 3 powersupplies are online (syspower-ps-0 thru 2).
Since one of them is bound to break one day, how can I find out the exact model # of a powersupply and since it is a bit dated by now, my second question is would I get one from HP ?
My search so far indicated that I would need :
30-44712-01 - but I am not sure.
Can someone confirm this ?
Thanks. LE
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: ES40 powersupply ?

30-44712-01 is AS4100 power supply.
Alternate PN is H7291-AA.
This is NOT ES40 power supply!
Power supply for ES40 is 30-49448-01 (Alternate PN is H7906-A9).
You can order it from HP or from someone other reseller.
Do some "google" for 30-49448-01.
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