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ES80 vs ES45

Regular Advisor

ES80 vs ES45

What difference are between ES80 & ES45? I am only concerned the CPU performance. Pls share your opinion.

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: ES80 vs ES45


here you find a comparison with more data than just cpu.


Regular Advisor

Re: ES80 vs ES45


Can you explain the comparison between AlphaChip EV7 and EV68?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: ES80 vs ES45

Hey Eric,

If you look aroudn starting from the prior web reference, then you'll wind a few whitepapers detailing your question.
FOr example:

The following paragraphs from there may be of particular interest to you

"Next generation AlphaServer systems are based on the same EV68 core used in current
AlphaServer systems. Indeed, this core runs slower in the new AlphaServer ES47 and ES80
systems (at 1.0 GHz) than in the current AlphaServer ES45 systems (1.25 GHz). The seven-way
set associative cache behaves like a 12-16 MB L2 cache, but the current AlphaServer ES45
has a 16 MB L2 cache. Similarly, the new AlphaServer systems are running slightly slower
(at 1.15 GHz) than the current AlphaServer GS320 system (at 1.224 GHz) which has a
16 MB L2 cache.
As a result, applications that only stress the processor and cache and are running on the new
AlphaServer systems demonstrate little performance improvement over the same applications
running on current systems. Applications that stress the memory subsystem of a single processor
demonstrate some performance improvements over current systems. And applications that stress
the memory subsystems of many processors in SMP environments demonstrate substantial
improvements over current systems."

So the Ev7 specifically allows us to scale out to large SMP configs with high bandwith needs for lots of IO and memory. For raw CPU power the ES45 may beat it for certein applications. 'it depends'.