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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Enable & Set quota for AdvFS

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Enable & Set quota for AdvFS


How to enable & set "quota" for a user in general. In perticular, i want eable quota for a user on a AdvFS. Can somebody explain this with an example, in details ??
We are using Tru64 5.1A(digital server)

Thanks & Regards,
Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: Enable & Set quota for AdvFS


have a look here:

Look for quota. You will find an easy to follow description and setup.


Ralf Puchner
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Re: Enable & Set quota for AdvFS

Why not reading the documentation as a starter or learn howto use the "man"-page system on unix? Here is the extraction from the official documentation:

------------------------------------------ Activating File System Quotas

To activate quotas on a UNIX file system, perform the following

1.Configure the system to include the disk quota subsystem
by editing the /sys/conf/NAME system configuration file to
include the following line:

options QUOTA

2.Edit the /etc/fstab file and change the fourth field of the
file system's entry to read rw, userquota, and groupquota.

3.Use the quotacheck command to create a quota file where the
quota subsystem stores current allocations and quota
limits. Refer to the quotacheck(8) reference page for
command information.

4.Use the edquota command to activate the quota editor and
create a quota entry for each user.

For each user or group you specify, edquota creates a
temporary ASCII file that you edit with the vi editor. Edit
the file to include entries for each file system with quotas
enforced, the soft and hard limits for blocks and inodes (or
files), and the grace period.

If you specify more than one user name or group name in the
edquota command line, the edits will affect each user or
group. You can also use prototypes that allow you to quickly
set up quotas for groups of users. Refer to the edquota(8)
reference page for more information.

5.Use the quotaon command to activate the quota system.
Refer to the quotaon(8) reference page for more information.

6.To check and enable disk quotas during system startup, use
the following command to set the disk quota configuration
variable in the /etc/rc.config file:

# /usr/sbin/rcmgr set QUOTA_CONFIG yes

If you want to turn off quotas, use the quotaoff command. Also,
the umount command turns off quotas before it unmounts a file
system. Refer to the quotaoff(8) reference page for more
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