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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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File system space ....

Super Advisor

File system space ....

Hi ...
The file system is using 84%
i deleted all files and directories (using rm -R *) that were in that filesystem and right now only are :


and capacity file system is showing 84% !!!!!!!!!!!

do i have to do other thing for put the file system in 0% ?

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: File system space ....

Try with quotacheck, for example:

# quotacheck -v user_domain#users

The domain and fileset information you can get from the first column of df.
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Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: File system space ....


Why don't you share some concrete data with us in stead of letting us guess/speculate.
The output from 'df -k' would be a good start. Be sure so show all of it, not just the line with the mountpoint in question.

Is that 'filesystem' perhaps an AdvFS FILESET, carved from a domain? In that case the free space is really the free space in the domain, shared wtih all file systems / fileset under that domain.


Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: File system space ....


As an example of Hein's post see the following output from a df -k

# df -k
Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
root_domain#root 274632 132238 131856 51% /
/proc 0 0 0 100% /proc
usr_domain#usr 4194304 1833254 1809136 51% /usr
usr_domain#var 4194304 521062 1809136 23% /var

Note that /usr and /var share the same file domain usr_domain. You can find the total space used in a domain by using showfdmn:

# showfdmn -k usr_domain

Id Date Created LogPgs Version Domain Name
3f226ca9.00072301 Sat Jul 26 12:57:29 2003 512 4 usr_domain

Vol 1K-Blks Free % Used Cmode Rblks Wblks Vol Name
3L 4194304 1809136 57% on 256 256 /dev/disk/dsk40a

and the space being used by all of the filesets with showfsets:

# showfsets -k usr_domain
Id : 3f226ca9.00072301.1.8001
Files : 43998, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Blocks (1k) : 1833254, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Quota Status : user=off group=off
Object Safety: off
Fragging : on
DMAPI : off
Id : 3f226ca9.00072301.2.8001
Files : 3556, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Blocks (1k) : 521062, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Quota Status : user=off group=off
Object Safety: off
Fragging : on
DMAPI : off

Hope this helps,


Frequent Advisor

Re: File system space ....

Hi manuales

You may need to wait for a longer time to see the space reduction. Or you can do an unmount and mount the fsets. If you use trucluster you need to use the cfsmgr to forcefully unmount and mount the entire domain (Beware if you have multiple fsets in the same domin all will be unmounted).

I had seen situations like you had mentioned only when the file system sapce hits 100%, It is strange to see that you got hit with 84% utliziation. An unmount and rmount should help you.