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GS1280 iCOD Configuration

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GS1280 iCOD Configuration

we have got new GS1280 with 8 CPU's & I wanted to configure two CPU's out of that as a iCOD, I have loaded Tru64 COD Sw & I can use codconfig command but when I am giving codconfig command with CPU ID's its giving me message primary CPU can not be offlined .
Could somebody advice whats the proper procedure to configure the iCOD?
please advice.
Many Thanks in Advance

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: GS1280 iCOD Configuration


after doing some research, I am getting the impression that you are trying to use that command on cpu 0, which is the primary cpu. icod is a resource that is saved for later addition. I wonder if this command tries to offline an icod. This is a bit of speculation because I do not have such a machine to try.