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HP Ultrium 2 - 460 hung: writing, idle

Howard Anderson_2
Frequent Advisor

HP Ultrium 2 - 460 hung: writing, idle

Hi, I am running test backups on a new pair of HP Ultrium2 460 drives in a new HP MSL6030 Tape library, using Legato Networker 6.0.3 on a HP ES40 AlphaServer running Tru64 4.0G with TruCluster 1.6 (old I know.)
The library is connected to the server via a 1Gbs Fibre Channel Fabric. (All HP/Compaq kit.)

One of the tape drives hung whilst writing a clone tape with a 'writing, idle' status shown in Networker. Evenually I had to reboot the cluster member to get it out of this state. (After trying a bus reset, amongst other things.)
(I think I have seen this issue before with DLT8000 drives in a MSL5026 tape library.)

My first question is, has anyone seen this issue before and if so, can you give me some idea of where this issue lies ? Is it Networker ? the Operating System or the tape drive that is at fault?

My second question is does anyone know of a less dramatic way of curing this condtion?
(i.e. without rebooting the cluster member.)

Many thanks for any info.