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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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How does the Tru64 OS use vmemory vs. memory ulimit settings?

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How does the Tru64 OS use vmemory vs. memory ulimit settings?


Can someone tell me the significant differences between the ulimit categories:- "memory" and "vmemory"?

Clearly "vmemory" relates to the amount of virtual memory a process may hold at any one time.

Is "memory" the amount of physical memory that a process may hold - *or* is it the total memory (physical + virtual) that a process may hold ?

We have low ulimit memory settings - and are experiencing "Out of memory/Failed to allocate memory" messages from some of our hungry processes.

Do we update the "memory" limit, the "vmemory" limit or both?

I can see that the "vmemory" limit is limited itself by a system kernel parameter.

Can someone please provide a description for how these values are used in relation to how the OS manages resources given to a process ?

Many thanks for any info you can give
Paul McGrath
Ralf Puchner
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Re: How does the Tru64 OS use vmemory vs. memory ulimit settings?

memory is to generic, datasize, stack size?
In case of a memory problem it is important to know what kind of memory is required. That's the reason software vendors offers tuning information for their applications.

So please specify what kind of memory is required. If you are a gambler increase all kind of memory of start program with root privileges to check if it will run within the hard limits.
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