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Just to advance in a tape

Occasional Contributor

Just to advance in a tape

I´m here again.

My doubt is about when I made a backup during one week (7 days backup).
If I want to restore, for example, the 3 day of the backup.
How do I reach that day?. I tried mt -f /dev/... fsr 3, but I couldn't get the information I wanted.

Pls I need your help.
Again thks in advance.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Just to advance in a tape

so it seems you used the rewind device instead of the norewind devices.

Have a look into the admin guide explaining backup and devices in detail.
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Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Just to advance in a tape

Hi Sebasti,

assuming you have done the backup right(like Ralf said), to advance you can either do

vrestore -ivf /dev/nrmt0h
if not the right backup yet, use
to get to the next backup without adding files

To get straight to the nth backup you have to
mt -f /dev/nrmt0h fsf n-1



ps. please tell us how you do the backup!
Mohamed K Ahmed
Trusted Contributor

Re: Just to advance in a tape

To use one tape to backups several save sets (ie 7 days worth of backups), you have to use the non rewind option in the backup command
vdump -f /dev/nrmt0h .......

to restore a specific day, from the begining of the tape count how many jumps (#) you have to do to reach the begining of the day you want to restore and issue the command
mt -f /dev/nrmt0h fsf #
vrestore -i -f /dev/nrmt0h and go from there

For example

to restore data from day 3, n should be 2


Eric van Dijken
Trusted Contributor

Re: Just to advance in a tape

Using "mt -f /dev/ntape/ntape0 fsf 3" might work better, please check the man page for mt for how to use it correctly.

Using only one tape for a week backup is (most of the time) not really a smart thing to do. When the tape is destroyed (it will happen), you will loose the backups for that whole week. Try to change the tape on a daily basis.
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