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LSM : Import Duplicate DG ID ?


LSM : Import Duplicate DG ID ?

Tru64 Unix V 5.1B with LSM and mirrored volumes.

Is there a way to import ( by changing the DG ID ) a DG with the same DG ID as the already imported one.

How i would've landed into this type of situation is -

1. Have the DG with mirrored volume

2. Detach one of the plexes

And then, trying to import the DG of detached plexes with a temporary name, but won't let me do it since the DG IDs are duplicate of the one already imported.

Any pointers.

Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM : Import Duplicate DG ID ?

Check out the manpage of voldg...I think you can do something with import/deport options.
Valued Contributor

Re: LSM : Import Duplicate DG ID ?

Use volclonedg command. Such as
#volclonedg -g olddg -n newdg dskxx dskyy
#voldg import
#volume -g newdg startall(May be need to start volume 1 by 1)

Pls see volclonedg manual for details.