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LSM Resync

Frequent Advisor

LSM Resync

Hello All,

As part of the DR test , i plan to pull out the ( ofcourse Hot-swap) LSM mirrored HDD i.e., the one having the mirror plexes of a 2-plex mirrored volume.

If my understanding is correct, LSM should start the resync automatically upon pluggin in the mirror HDD.

Is there a time-out interval for this before which the HDD has to be plugged back in or is it indefinite.

Gary Hansford
Frequent Advisor

Re: LSM Resync


As far as I knew, by uplugging the HDD mid flight, LSM will take that disk as broken and thus make it unavailable. Plugging the disk back in will not recover the disk. You'll have to issue LSM commands to convince LSM the drive error has been fixed and and then restart the mirror.

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM Resync


I think, you are mistaken. LSM must be directed to resync a mirror set especially on Tru64 5.x, where new disks get new names.


Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM Resync

To be more specific, if you plug the same disk back into it's place, you need to:

For V4 :

# voldisk online rzXX
# volrecover -sb

For V5 :

# hwmgr -scan scsi
# volreattach -rb dskXX (ie.=accessname)