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LSM disk privlen

Occasional Advisor

LSM disk privlen

HEllo :-)

can i change the value of the privlen of a disk without having to remove the disks from the dg?
I have found a disk group with a lot of new disks added with the privlen different from the old disks of the disk group, on the new disks are the mirrors of the volumes... do i have to remove all mirrors and rm all the disks than voldisksetup the disks with the right privlen and than MIRROR ALL again?
thank u very much
Markus Schibli
Occasional Advisor

Re: LSM disk privlen


as far as I know, you have to recreate your LSM Volumes. Normaly, the LSMpriv part of the disk starts where LSMpubl ends. And in most cases, LSMpriv is at the end of the disk. If you want to enlarge the privlen, then most probably you have to shrink the LSMpubl, and when you shrink the LSMpubl you have to recreate the filesystem and restore the data.

If you change the size of LSMpriv, a re-initialisation of that disk is a must.
remark: this should be also true if you're using simple disks instead of using sliced disks.

If someone has another idea, please let me know ;-)

Kind regards