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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3

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François Brugère
Frequent Advisor

Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3

Hello All,

I'm trying to apply the Oracle patchset 9206 on Tru64 5.1B-3 cluster without success. I don't understand why the Oracle installer complains to not find the OS patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 ?

As mention in this patch description, it should be included in the aggregate patch kit T64V51BB26AS0005-20050502.

"The patches in this ERP kit will also be available in the next mainstream
patch kit - HP Tru64 UNIX 5.1B-3."

Here is the list of patch kit applied on my cluster :

Patches installed on the system came from following software kits:

- T64KIT0020437-V51BB24-ES-20031023 OSF540
- T64KIT0020670-V51BB24-20031113 OSF540
- T64KIT0020861-V51BB24-E-20031125 OSF540
- T64KIT0020963-V51BB24-ES-20031204 OSF540
- T64KIT0020964-V51BB24-ES-20031204 OSF540
- T64KIT0021340-V51BB24-E-20040120 OSF540
- T64V51BB24AS0003-20030929 OSF540
- T64V51BB24AS0003-20030929 TCR540
- T64V51BB26AS0005-20050502 OSF540
- T64V51BB26AS0005-20050502 TCR540
- TCRKIT0020500-V51BB24-20031029 TCR540

Thanks in advance for your help.

Regards, Francois.
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3

Do not worry about that. I also had such a "problem". Of course it is in PK5. Just edit the Oracle script and comment this part of script. It will work fine.
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
François Brugère
Frequent Advisor

Re: Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3

Thanks for your quick answer Vladimir.

But do you know the command to be sure that the patch is included in the PK5 ?

Regards, François.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3


Oracle is checking for this early patch kit either edit the oraparm.ini or use the ignore return code of prerequisite check. You can specify that with runInstaller.


Szilvásy Zoltán
Occasional Visitor

Re: Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3

We have installed Tru64 5.1B and Oracle onto an ES45 few months ago. After installing OS, we had installed patchkit 5 (T64V51BB26AS0005-20050502 OSF540).

Using Oracle, database developers had run into a known error, which can be solved using Oracle patch. Oracle's installer says that it needs T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913, but this patch is a PK4 patch as I see, and cannot be installed on our system, because it needs further PK4 patches...

Finally we had installed Oracle with runInstaller's -ignore... switch. It had ended, but now we cannot start Oracle database, it says "ORA-04941: required operating system patch needs to be applied". Tjis Oracle error message cannot be found at nor at Oracle nor at Google, we don't know, how to step over.

Can anybody help us?

Thanks in advance,
Zoltan Szilvasy from Hungary
Szilvásy Zoltán
Occasional Visitor

Re: Missing patch T64KIT0023584-V51BB25-E-20040913 in 5.1B-3

Hi again!

In the meantime the problem has been solved. The solution was very trivial: at the installation of PK5 the new kernel has been built, but not activated. DUPATCH showed the installed patches, but the original kernel was booted yet. We had to copy the new kernel image to the boot partition by hand and tell the bootloader the new image name. Oracle had eased too and everything works fine since then.