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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Missing /usr/tcb/bin/edauth

Occasional Contributor

Missing /usr/tcb/bin/edauth

Hi Guys,

I'm missing the above file and my good copy of backup is unreadable.

Can any kind soul please email the binary file to me at ???

Running OSF1 V4.0
Kasper Hedensted
Trusted Contributor

Re: Missing /usr/tcb/bin/edauth

Could you post the output from these commands ?

sizer -v
dupatch -track -type kit

Just to make sure that you get the right file.

Do you know how you lost the file in the first place ?
Occasional Contributor

Re: Missing /usr/tcb/bin/edauth

Sigh... I did a
"cat a.txt > /usr/tcb/bin/edauth -s" instead of
"cat a.txt | /usr/tcb/bin/edauth -s"

sizer -v
>>Digital UNIX V4.0D (Rev. 878); Wed Aug 29 >>17:50:02 EST 2001

Tried the below (no kit option)

lrxnrk08# dupatch -track -type patch

* Previous session logs saved in session.log.[1-24]

* This dupatch session is logged in /var/adm/patch/log/session.log

Patches installed on the system:

- - Required -:
Patch 0000.00 - Patch Tools
Patch 0000.09 - Patch Tools

- Commands, Shells, & Utility Patches:
Patch 0008.01 - Patch: dump Command Correction
Patch 0017.01 - Patch: awk Utility Correction
Patch 0032.01 - Patch: diskx Command Correction
Patch 0038.01 - Patch: vipw Issues Warnings Enhancement
Patch 0042.01 - Patch: pax tar And cpio Archive Handling Correction
Patch 0061.01 - Patch: lpq Command Correction
Patch 0064.01 - Patch: who Command Correction
Patch 0065.01 - Patch: rdist Utility Correction
Patch 0066.01 - Patch: lex Command Correction
Patch 0068.01 - Patch: Incorrect Error Messages For Non-English Locales
Patch 0077.01 - Patch: ksh Corrections

- Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Patches:
Patch 0080.00 - Patch: Security, (SSRT0525U)

Press RETURN to display the next screen:

- Filesystem Patches:
Patch 0070.01 - Patch: pcnfsd Correction
Patch 0081.01 - Patch: AdvFS Consolidated Patch
Patch 0083.01 - Patch: NFS V3 mounted AdvFS Patch Correction

- I/O Device Handling Patches:
Patch 0011.01 - Patch: Multiple Bad Blocks On SCSI Device Correction
Patch 0033.01 - Patch: End Of Large File Fails To Print Correction
Patch 0035.01 - Patch: Memory Leak With (dlb) Pseudodevice Driver
Patch 0043.01 - Patch: HX (PMAGB-BA) Graphic Mouse Cursor Correction
Patch 0072.01 - Patch: No Devices Attached To KZPSA Correction
Patch 0076.01 - Patch: Digital UNIX LAT Correction

- Library Patches:
Patch 0001.01 - Patch: DECthread Library Correction
Patch 0052.01 - Patch: Library Correction
Patch 0075.01 - Patch: libc Library TCP/IP Correction

- Network Patches:
Patch 0005.01 - Patch: FDDI And Token Ring Routine Memory Leak Correctio

Press RETURN to display the next screen:

Patch 0028.01 - Patch: xti/streams Interface Module Correction
Patch 0040.01 - Patch: FDDI Controller System Boot Correction

- Security Related Patches:
Patch 0045.01 - Patch: Security, (SSRT0487U)
Patch 0046.01 - Patch: Security, (SSRT0495U)
Patch 0054.00 - Patch: Security
Patch 0071.01 - Patch: Security, (SSRT0456U)

- Software Development Environment Patches:
Patch 0026.01 - Patch: DEC C Compiler Correction
Patch 0057.01 - Patch: Segfaults In nm For C++ Compiler Correction
Patch 0058.01 - Patch: Default C Compiler Correction

- Terminal Handling Patches:
Patch 0004.01 - Patch: System V Pseudoterminal Slave pty Hang Correction

- X11 Patches:
Patch 0055.00 - Patch: DECwindows Motif toolkit
Patch 0056.00 - Patch: Motif Toolkit Correction

Press RETURN to display the next screen:

- kernel Patches:
Patch 0069.01 - Patch: Various Kernel Fixes, (SSRT0521U)
Kasper Hedensted
Trusted Contributor

Re: Missing /usr/tcb/bin/edauth

Here is the file from a similar 4.0D system

Hope that you can use it.

No warranty provided :)
Occasional Contributor

Re: Missing /usr/tcb/bin/edauth

Thanks Kasper.
Works like a charm.