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Need patch installation guidence

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Need patch installation guidence


Trying to install Patch Kit 3 for V5.1B for True64 with raid controller.

Never done it before.

There were 34 patch(es) which failed in prerequisite/file applicability check:

Is it OK to proceed with the 130 patches that passed the check

If yes what do I have to do next?

I have attached the session.log file

Thank you for your help.


Honored Contributor

Re: Need patch installation guidence

Hello Kafsat,

The patches failing in pre-requisite clearly mention that they are failing because the subset or software that it is meant to patch itself is not installed on your system , hence the patch is not at all required rather what will it patch if the software files themselves are not there.
Ok ? So you can proceed with the remaining patches without any problem.


Re: Need patch installation guidence

Thank you Ninad,

I have installed the patch.

During the patch installation, in "Beginning kernel build..." section I ended up creating a new kernel configuration file with default values. Is there a way to go back to the old configuration?

Mohamed K Ahmed
Trusted Contributor

Re: Need patch installation guidence

Why do you want to go to the old configuration?, when you install a patch, you have to get a new configuration, and that's why a new configuration (kernel) file was created.
If you want to go to the old configuration, you will loose the patches you have installed.

Anyway, if you looked at the root directory, you will see a file called vmunix that is the new configuration that the system uses while booting.
You will also see another file called vmunix.old (or something like it), it will be with the same time stamp as the vmunix file, this is your old configuration file.

If you want to boot with the old configuration (for whatever reasons you got), you have to boot with this command

P0>>> b -file /vmunix.old

but I don't recommend it unless you really have good reasons and you know what you are doing.

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: Need patch installation guidence

What Kafsat probably means is that the resulting kernel only has the mandatory options.
To get into the selection menu for the additional options use the command :

doconfig `HOSTNAME`



Re: Need patch installation guidence

Thank you for your responses.

At the end of the patch installation I answered "n" to the question "Do you have pre-existing configuration file." and ended up creating a new configuration file.

What are the consequences of doing so?

Is there a way to compare previous configuration and current configuration to look at the differences between them?

I shall appreciate any suggestion.

Thank you again for your help.