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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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OS failed to boot up!


OS failed to boot up!

Hi guys,
We shut down our server for hardware maintenance. When we try to boot up, failed with error message:
can;t open osf_boot
halted CPU 0
halt code = 5
HALT instruction executed
boot failure

Can anyone help on this? Thanks!
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: OS failed to boot up!

Looks like your root file system has gotten messed up. The only way I can think of to proceed would be to boot off the installation CD and then (assuming your root file system is AdvFS):

# hwmgr -view dev
(find the devicename of the device containing your root file system -

# mkdir /etc/fdmns/temp_root

# mkdir /tmp/mnt

# ln -s /dev/disk/a /etc/fdmns/temp_root/a
(Note the 'a' after devicename - it's important!)

# mount temp_root#root /tmp/mnt

# cp /osf_boot /tmp/mnt/osf_boot

Shutdown system and try booting again. If osf_boot has been deleted or moved, it's quite possible other things in / have been messed up too, and you'll have other difficulties. Hopefully, you've got a good backup ;-)

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: OS failed to boot up!

You recently poseted topic:
In there you write how vmunix was not in its normal place.
Did you address that?
Did you fix it?

Can you boot genvmunix?

boot -fl a -fi genvmunix

Use that either fix vmunix or just built a new one?!

What Tru64 version are you running? (none :^)
google keywords: doconfig mountroot bcheckrc "mount -u"


Manish PATHAK_2
Regular Advisor

Re: OS failed to boot up!

try to boot with genvmunix after that build your kernel and then reboot the system.