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One Filter for all Printers ?

Occasional Contributor

One Filter for all Printers ?

Hi together
a project in my Enterprise will rename all Printers in the environment.
As i checked the printcap-File i've found the Filter "hplaserof", wich was a general Filter for True-Unix written by HP. This Filter is very old, we used it for long time, but in the last Weeks sometimes Errors are displayed when we want to print TRUE TYPE Fonts. So this gives us the Chance to declare new Filters for the Printers.

Now we should made the decision to define each printer with his own Filter, or (what we prefer) to search a new Filter wich have the newest Settigs,because we have about 400 Printers. We are running SAP so we don't need all Features for printing on UNIX.

Are the Filters for the LaserJet Printers
downwards compatible ?

f.e. What will happen, when i define each printer in the printcap with the same Filter:
":if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +OPageSize=Letter +Chplj8000.rpd:\" and the Printer is f.e. an hplj4100 ??

Is it better to define each Printer with his own Filter ?
Why ?
Thanks for youre help.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: One Filter for all Printers ?

the ppdof is a generic filter which can be configured with the .rpd file. Maybe it is time to explain in detail. There are major printing languages like postscript, pcl. Each printer which is postscript compatible can print postscript files - except the code contains printer or version specific content.

Filtering is only used if printing locally or via TCP printing. So depending on the used printing mechanism the filter will be used or not.

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