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Printer on digital unix

Edgar Santacruz lopez
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Printer on digital unix

How can I configure a printer on digital unix 4.0D?

We need a manual, to do this.

Thank you.
Mark Grant
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Re: Printer on digital unix

I believe Digital UNix used the BSD print spooler. In which case the following link may be of help.

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Joris Denayer
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Re: Printer on digital unix


This is the 4.0F version of the System Administartion Manual in PDF format. You find all printing related stuf in chapter 10.
I don't remember if telnet printing was already supported in v4.0D

Anyway, this should answer most of your questions.

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Ralf Puchner
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Re: Printer on digital unix

use lprsetup the only supported way
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Re: Printer on digital unix

Have a look at this man 8 page it is mostly there

man lprsetup

lprsetup is just mostly an executable that let you add,modify,delete printer to the printcap file

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