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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Printing to a Konica 7145

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Occasional Advisor

Printing to a Konica 7145

I am trying to print to a Konica 7145 printer, using TCP/IP printing, from an ES40 running Tru64 5.1B PK4. I can get it to print ok using ln32.rpd, but need to reduce the size of the font. Does anyone know if there is an official rpd for this printer?
All help greatfully received.
Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: Printing to a Konica 7145

Not knowing your printcap file, I can only guess you are using:

:/if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +Cln32.rpd

To preset the landscape and portrait fontsize in the printcap filter use:

:/if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +Ofs_l=11 +Ofs_p=8 +Cln32.ppd
:/of=/usr/lbin/ppdof +Ofs_l=11 +Ofs_p=8 +Cln32.ppd

At lpr command level use "-Ofs=12".

I realize these options are not documented in the ppdof, so I attached a document that was originally written to help implement the ppdof on V4.0F systems (where ppdof was not available).

Btw: Did you ask Minolta if they have a rpd
filter-file for theri KONICA 7145 ?

Have fun,


Occasional Advisor

Re: Printing to a Konica 7145

Hi Johan
Thanks for all this information - exactly what I needed!