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Problems with vrestore

Carlos A. Munoz Lopez
Frequent Advisor

Problems with vrestore

Hi guys! Lately I've been having problems restoring some files from a tape backup. I'm using vdump to perform a cold backup for an Oracle DB. The system is running Tru64 5.1B with PK6. The patch kit 6 came with an early release patch which fix a problem in vdump when backing up files greater than 8GB, and this patch was also applied to the system. The problem is when I try to perform the backup, vdump executes the process really fast and display no kinds of errors, at first impression everything's ok.

When I try to restore the file from tape I list the files and sizes are apparently correct, but "df -h" display an unexplainable incorrect information.

For instance, the total size of the backup is like 250GB, so I restore it in a file system (by the way AdvFS) with 100GB used, so with the information completely restored, the final amount of used space in this FS should be up to 350GB (100GB used + 250GB restore), but this amount is not the one displayed by "df -h", it's barely 200GB in total.

In the next lines I give you an example. The first output belongs to a file restored from the tape; the second belongs to a hot backup generated by Oracle DB.

Example 1
node1> ls -l aud*
-rw-r----- 1 oracle dba 5368741888 Nov 11 00:29 audit01.dbf
node1> cksum audit01.dbf
1163008442 5368741888 audit01.dbf

Example 2
node1> ls -l aud*
-rw-r----- 1 oracle dba 5368741888 Nov 11 00:29 audit01.dbf
node1> cksum audit01.dbf
1760273128 5368741888 audit01.dbf

As you can see the sizes on both files are equal, but the checksum is not, and in theory they should be. So, I don't have a clue what's going on with this.

We restored all the information on a test server and the database cannot be opened, it displays so many errors.

We've been having this issues since we applied the PK6, with data backed up using the PK5 we have no problems. I would like some help on ths guys. Thanks in advanced!!
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with vrestore

Hi Carlos,
Can you please try
to show correct usage and let me know the output.
I am in this small bowl, I wane see the real world......
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with vrestore

I would suggest that you log a call with HP support so that the engineering team can diagnose and resolve the problem at the earliest.