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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Process accounting on True64 kernel 5.1

Carlos Ramirez_2
Occasional Contributor

Process accounting on True64 kernel 5.1

I have enabled process accounting and it works fine in all cases except it will not register any resource usage for user daemon. This is really the only user I'm concerned with because the system is running a search engine as this user. Is this user automaticaly dropped by the accounting process ? Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour ?

Thanks all.
Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: Process accounting on True64 kernel 5.1

To check the obvious, do you see any TIME registered against user "daemon" when the search engine is active with :

ps -fudaemon


Carlos Ramirez_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Process accounting on True64 kernel 5.1

Here is a truncated version of the output you wanted. Note the TIME field has time associated with it. Unfortunately its line wrapping, but you get the picture. I should note that this same problem is happing on Solaris 2.X as well, so maybe its a process accounting problem on SVR4 UN*X's ?

->$ ps -fudaemon
daemon 3548 1 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 0:00.02 sh -c cd .; ./bin/startController
daemon 3549 3548 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 0:00.01 ./bin/startController
daemon 3553 3549 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 0:02.92 /avs/apps/pch-dev/jre122/bin/../bin/alpha/native_threads/java -Xverify
daemon 3564 3553 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 12:58.75 /avs/apps/pch-dev/bin/mhttpd.intranet -D ./httpd
daemon 3565 3553 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 15:55.83 /avs/apps/pch-dev/bin/alpha/webindexer ./components/windexer.CultureCa
daemon 3566 3553 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 4:48.59 /avs/apps/pch-dev/bin/feeder ./components/feeder.CultureCanada/feeder.
daemon 3571 3553 0.0 Feb 15 ?? 8:34.56 /avs/apps/pch-dev/bin/coordinate ./components/defaultSettings/coordina

snip> deleted roughly another 12 lines or so, all with time associated with it.