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Recover system AdvFS and LSM

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Recover system AdvFS and LSM


I have a DS20e AlphaServer running tru64 v4.0f which utilises LSM with AdvFS sitting on top. The system has four disks which are used to create two mirrors with LSM. Disk 0 & 1 (mirror) are partitioned as follows: / = a;swap = b; /tmp = d; /usr = e; /var = f. Disk 2 & 3 (mirror) only use the c partition.
I have a vdump backup of the filesystems, and I am able to restore / and /usr, following the standard procedure for recovering the boot disk. Where I fall down is my knowledge of LSM and configuring it back the way it was. I haven't got any of the LSM configurations or the rootdg disk group (disks destroyed).
Can someone assist with getting this server backup and running?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Recover system AdvFS and LSM

Hi Daniel,

have you got 1 or 2 OS boot disk destroyed?

Can you explain in detail the problem situation?

Depending on the situation different solutions can be taken.

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Re: Recover system AdvFS and LSM

All I have is the server, 4 new disks and a vdump of all advfs file systems. No LSM configuration details.
Ralf Puchner
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Re: Recover system AdvFS and LSM

in case of lsm mirrored systemdisk:

1. boot cd-rom, switch to shell.
2. create advfs filesystem
3. restore tape
4. correct /etc/fdmns on destination disk (replace ../vol/..)
5. rename /etc/volboot
6. correct /etc/sysconfigtab
7. boot from harddisk
8. use volrootmir as described within the admin guide to recreate lsm configuration for system disks

But doing this without lsm knowledge and without reading admin guide could be dangerous.
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