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Replace failed disk in HSZ70 mirrorset

Richard Larsen_1
Occasional Contributor

Replace failed disk in HSZ70 mirrorset


I have a two disk mirror set in an HSZ70. One disk has failed. What are the steps to replace the failed disk?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace failed disk in HSZ70 mirrorset


delete diskname from fail
replace disk
run config
add diskname to spare


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace failed disk in HSZ70 mirrorset

Connect to the HSZ console and run:

Identify the failed disk
>show failed

Identify the disk physically. Mark the disk.

For this, you can run:
> locate disk
The disk led start flashing
> locate cancel

Delete the disk from failedset
>delete failed disk

Delete the disk
delete disk

Remove the disk, wait a minute and then insert the new disk.

>run config

The disk name will be displayed

> add spareset disk

Then the failed mirrorset will start reconstructing. You can check the progress with:

> show

Optionally, you can modify the reconstruct priority:

Reconstruct fast
> set reconstruct=fast
Normal mode
> set reconstruct=best
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