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SDLT Tape drive and Oracle exports

Mohamed K Ahmed
Trusted Contributor

SDLT Tape drive and Oracle exports

Dear all,
I have an ES40 system running Tru64UNIX V 5.1B PK#2, running Oracle 9.2 databases.
Everyday we take an export of the databases and at the end it reports a strange message of Error in closing /dev/ntape/tape1c, but it reports that the Export has terminated without errors
What does this mean???

Following is the tail of the oracle export log file:
. exporting synonyms
. exporting views
. exporting referential integrity constraints
. exporting stored procedures
. exporting operators
. exporting indextypes
. exporting bitmap, functional and extensible indexes
. exporting posttables actions
. exporting triggers
. exporting materialized views
. exporting snapshot logs
. exporting job queues
. exporting refresh groups and children
. exporting dimensions
. exporting post-schema procedural objects and actions
. exporting user history table
. exporting default and system auditing options
. exporting statistics
error closing export file /dev/ntape/tape1c
Export terminated successfully without warnings.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: SDLT Tape drive and Oracle exports


please ignore this duplicate thread.