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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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SILO Overflow Errors

Occasional Advisor

SILO Overflow Errors

We rebooted our ES45 server due to some maintenance, and on reboot we got several of the messages below:
vmunix: ws_kbd_putc: silo overflow

From google and forum search, SILO messages are related to serial port. However, our system is not using any serial port. Any ideas what it can be? The OS is Tur64 v5.1b.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: SILO Overflow Errors

I know nothing, but ...

> vmunix: ws_kbd_putc: silo overflow

Sounds to me like a workstation keyboard
("ws_kbd"). I thought that a PS2 keyboard
or mouse interface was a serial port.

Do you have a pile of books on top of the
keyboard? (Or would that be "getc"?)
Keyboard unplugged? Some keyboard problem?
Occasional Advisor

Re: SILO Overflow Errors

No, there are no heaps of books :)

Yes it could be a keyboard error...but it is strange since this was repeated several times during booting...and there was no one typing in on the keyboard.