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[Session manager needs in Tru64 5.1A]

BG Jeong

[Session manager needs in Tru64 5.1A]

I used to running our application on motif base.
motif is using session manager,
but it is not working on Tru64 5.1A.

we are running application on xdm.
In tru64 5.1A,
there is no way that session out.

our company user need to logout session.

is there a way to logout session on xdm?

please help me.
Tru64 from Korea
Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: [Session manager needs in Tru64 5.1A]

When I enable xdm on V5.1A there is an xterm window opened. If I close that xterm window the session logs out automatically.

Try exiting all applications and all windows in the xdm session.

Balasubramanian S
Frequent Advisor

Re: [Session manager needs in Tru64 5.1A]

I agree with Ann. In case if you are not able to logout as Ann told, you can stop the session using

/sbin/init.d/xlogin stop

-Bala S
Rick Retterer
Respected Contributor

Re: [Session manager needs in Tru64 5.1A]

As Bala stated, you can use the command "/sbin/init.d/xlogin stop", but that means that you will also have to manually restart xlogin again for the next user to be able to login again.

Under XDM, for the Xserver to close and reset, all of the connections to the Xserver has to be closed. That means any open terminal windows, and the Window Manager. (twm or mwm).

Try using this script, that will kill all of the processes for the user that is currently logged in, which should exit all of the open windows and causse the XDEC process to reset.

kill -9 `ps -u $USER | grep -v PID | \ awk '{print $1}'`
exit $?

Note: the "\" indicates that the this line wraps to the next line. The kill command and the "exit $?" command are on two seperate lines.

Rick Retterer
HP Services Tru64 Unix Graphics Support
- Rick Retterer