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System Uncorrectable Error QBB of GS160

System Uncorrectable Error QBB of GS160

Hi All

Today, I had crash on my GS160, it seems to me a hardware problem but I am not able to exactly make it which part is gone bad which is not allowing the system to come at SRM prompt.

My system is complete down, no power is coming on system console LED.

You can see the hardware error below....

System Uncorrectable Error QBB Summary: 08
Uncorrectable Error reported by QBB 3

QBB 3 Uncorrectable Error Entity Summary: 00030010
Uncorrectable Error reported by QSA
Uncorrectable Error reported by Global Port
Uncorrectable Error reported by Hierarchical Switch

QSA_CPU_ERR_SUM 0000000000000001
QSA_MISC_ERR_SUM 0000000000000004

QBB 3 Global Port CSRs
GPA_GPL_ERR_SUM 0000000000000009
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_0 0000000000000080
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_1 00000000000000C1
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_2 0000000000000030
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_3 00000000000000C0
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_4 000000000000008E
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_5 000000000000000C
GPA_GPL_ERR_ADDR_6 0000000000000004
GPD_GPL_ERR_SUM 0000F5100000EB60

QBB 3 Hierarchical Switch CSRs
HS_CSR0 C0012000E0012000
HS_CSR1 0011000020010000

*** QBB 3 QSA Detected NXM Error

*** QBB 3 QSA Detected NXM Error

*** QBB 3 GP Detected NXM Error

*** unexpected interrupt through vector 660

EV6 IPRs (CPU 0):
I_STAT: 0000000000000000 DC_STAT: 0000000000000000
C_ADDR: 0000000000000000 C_SYNDROME_1: 0000000000000000
C_SYNDROME_0: 0000000000000000 C_STAT: 0000000000000000
C_STS: 0000000000000000 MM_STAT: 0000000000000000
EXC_ADDR: 00000000001E8908 IER_CM: 0000006080000000
ISUM: 0000002000000000 PAL_BASE: 0000000000010000
I_CTL: 000000000C306396 P_CTX: 0000000000000004


If any one has any clu, it will be great help


Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: System Uncorrectable Error QBB of GS160

Don't wait for wise words here.
Call support in (if you have not done so already!). You need supprort, you deserve support. (you paid for support right?)


Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: System Uncorrectable Error QBB of GS160


he posted a call within the forum instead of calling HP support center so the system seems not to be important and he has a lot of time to fix it.....

Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }

Re: System Uncorrectable Error QBB of GS160

Yea Ralf, you are right it is my test machine, so no hurry. BTW it was a problem of power supply which was connected to front panel control, I used other one and now it is OK.

And other NXM Error was created by one memory loacated in QBB2, so after removing the mem it is OK.