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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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System hardware health status

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System hardware health status


We have a system with TRU64 5.1 version. We suspect there could be a hardware related issue in this production system as the system went down few days back.
We analysed binary error log but not much help.

Hence we want to check if all the installed hardware is in GOOD condition or not.
Let suppose if we find that any of the hard diks is going to go down then we will be in a position to minimise the downtime at the time of actual problem.

Hence kindly let us know how to check the status of the power supply , memory , hard disk , processor and system board.

We are aware of basic commands which gives information about lets say memory ( vmstat) and all but what we are actually looking for is the health status of these hardware componenets.

Kindly suggest.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: System hardware health status

You could use the "hwmgr status component". You can also install "webes" that will give you the ability to translate the binary error log with the "wsea" command.

You also have console commands like "show power", show cpu, show mem, etc.
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Re: System hardware health status

Thanks. Hwmgr gives all the components as ONLINE. But this wont give us the info if any of the hardware disk/memory is getting bad or going to be failed.
Is there any way we can get a hint of it?
Thanks in adv.
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Re: System hardware health status


It depends on your hardware configuration and subsystems attached, but for overall System health try System Healthcheck (SHC):